Andrea Schütze

Andrea Schütze

As a child, Andrea Schütze tried out just about every conceivable hobby. At some stage she fell in love with reading, which is one reason why she so enjoys writing books. She is a trained dressmaker, graduated from university in psychology, but she never got a swimming badge. She and her family live in the very South of Germany. There's a spot here where you can stand in Germany, France and Switzerland all at the same time – assuming, of course, that you have three legs.

Written by Andrea Schütze

Emma und Emilio – Ein (fast) perfektes Katzenglück

Andrea Schütze, Joëlle Tourlonias

Emma and Emilio – (Almost) Perfect Happiness with a Cat

Emma and her little sister Mathilda have moved. As consolation, their mother promises them a pet – and they more ...

Nelly und Klex

Andrea Schütze, Joëlle Tourlonias

Nelly and Klex

If only I had superpowers?! How often has Nela already imagined this. And then indeed she is once called on more ...

Agentur Pechpilz und Glücksvogel

Andrea Schütze, Mareikje Vogler

Fortune and Misfortune Agency

Pippa loves her family with all her heart: that would be Mud (shipping name for mum and dad), John who wants more ...

Kleiner Hund in Not

Andrea Schütze, Stefanie Krauss

Little Dog in Distress

The three friends Fine, Carla and Viola love their animals more than anything. They therefore found an animal more ...