Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm

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Written by Brüder Grimm

Das große Märchenbilderbuch der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Daniela Chudzinski, Heribert Schulmeyer

The Big Book of Grimm Fairy Tales

The best-known fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers in one big album. Various artists have interpreted the more ...


Brüder Grimm, Paul Hey

Favourite Grimm Fairy Tales

Little Riding Hood, the Frog King, the Wolf and the Seven Kids, Mother Hulda, Rumpelstiltskin and a host of more ...

Märchen der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Felicitas Kuhn

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

This beautiful book is a collection of the best loved and most famous fairy tales that have been making more ...

Märchen der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Felicitas Kuhn, Anny Hoffmann

Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Seven tales in one anthology

This truly wonderfully nostalgic anthology from the 1970s is a collection of more ...

Von Prinzessinnen und Königstöchtern

Hans Christian Andersen, Brüder Grimm, Anastassija Archipowa

Of Princesses and Kings' Daughters

One upon a time, long, long ago, when wishes came true … this is the beginning of the favourite stories of all more ...

Die schönsten Märchenklassiker: Drei Wünsche frei

Brüder Grimm, Anne Bernhardi

You Have Three Wishes

Fairy tales are inconceivable without fairies. They make wishes come true – usually three, to be precise – more ...

Tiermärchen der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Anastassija Archipowa

Animal Tales by the Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm gathered many animal tales in which wise animals play the main part. "Puss in Boots" more ...

Märchenfrau erzähl mir was ...

Hans Christian Andersen, Brüder Grimm

Tell Me a Story

In a Nutshell:

All children love fairy tales. For generations fairy tales have been part of storytime, and a more ...

Die schönsten Prinzessinnen-Märchen zum Vorlesen

Brüder Grimm, Maja Wagner

Favourite Princess Fairy Tales for Storytime

In a Nutshell:

Do fairy tales have to go classical? This innovative concept presents the very favourite of more ...

Grimmig & Anders

Hans Christian Andersen, Brüder Grimm, Scott Plumbe

Grimm and the Like

Classical fairy tales have more to offer than virtuous princesses, friendly fairies and Little Red Riding Hood more ...

Die spannendsten Abenteuer-Märchen zum Vorlesen

Brüder Grimm, Elzbieta Smietanka-Combik

The Most Exciting Tales of Adventure for Storytime

After launching our innovative series of fairytales for storytime focussing on "princesses", a topic so more ...