Christoph Drösser

Christoph Drösser

Christoph Drösser has been living in San Francisco since 2014 as a freelance journalist and author. Before that he was an editor at “Die Zeit” for 18 years in the department of knowledge, where he created e.g. the column “Stimmt’s?” (Is that right?) that he has been responsible for since 1997. As part of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship, he spent a year at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). This was followed by periods of residence in Santa Barbara and Berkeley. Christoph Drösser was awarded the title of “Science Journalist of the Year 2005” and the media prize of the German Mathematicians’ Association (DMV) for his services to the popularisation of mathematics.

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100 Kinder

Christoph Drösser, Nora Coenenberg

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