Dagmar Geisler

Dagmar Geisler

Dagmar Geisler has been writing and illustrating children’s books for many years. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t leave her much time for friends. That is why this book is precious to her.

Written by Dagmar Geisler

Geschwister sind unschlagbar

Dagmar Geisler

Brothers and Sisters – There's Nothing Better

Boredom? No chance!

When there are siblings around, anything is possible – except for one thing: Boredom. more ...

Schutzengel für den Schulweg

Dagmar Geisler

Guardian Angel for the Way to School

Here come the guardian angels with the appropriate equipment for every conceivable situation to help children more ...

Illustrated by Dagmar Geisler

Das große Bilderbuch der Bibelgeschichten

Susanne Conrad, Wolfram Eicke, Anne Ebert, Dagmar Geisler

The Big Picture Book of Stories from the Bible

The best and most popular stories from the Old Testament, told by well-known writers and illustrated by more ...

Wie ist das mit dem Krebs?

Sarah Roxana Herlofsen, Dagmar Geisler

What is cancer all about?

Can I still cuddle my grandma? Why me? Must I now always be nice to my ill brother? When children encounter more ...