Daniel Napp

Daniel Napp

Daniel Napp (*1974) studied Graphic Design in Münster. Even as a student, he won several awards. He now works as a freelance illustrator and has already illustrated numerous picture books and books for children.

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Written by Daniel Napp

Dr. Brumm versteht das nicht

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Doesn't Understand

Dr Brumm is doing what every perfectly normal bear does on Saturday: he's watching soccer. But then the telly more ...

Dr. Brumm steckt fest

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm is Stuck

Dr Brumm is doing what any other perfectly ordinary bear does on Sunday: he's eating honey! It's not long more ...

Dr. Brumm geht baden

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Goes Swimming

There is a wild and dangerous Temper-Temper lying in wait in the lake – at least, that's what the otter says. more ...

Dr. Brumm feiert Weihnachten

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Celebrates Christmas

Slapstick at its best! There is a real Christmas crime story in store for Dr Brumm around the traditional more ...

Manege frei für die Schnüffelnasen

Daniel Napp

Clear the Ring for the Sniffer Noses

A dog and a flea: an unbeatable team.

There is great excitement in the Circus Cimborello. First of all an more ...

Dr. Brumm geht wandern

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Goes Hiking

Off to the mountains with Dr Brumm!

What does Dr Brumm get up to every Wednesday? He goes hiking of course! more ...

Dr. Brumm feiert Geburtstag

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm’s Birthday

When he looks at the calendar, Dr Brumm realises that it’s his birthday today. Oh dear, he had completely more ...

Dr. Brumm auf Hula Hula

Daniel Napp

Dr. Brumm on Hula Hula


This is not really what relaxation is about …

Dr. Brumm, Badger and Beluga want to relax and unwind. more ...

Dr. Brumm und der Megasaurus

Daniel Napp

Dr. Brumm and the Megasaurus

Dr. Brumm is doing what he does every Friday: working in the garden. While he is digging up his vegetable bed, more ...

Echte Schnüffelnasen geben niemals auf

Daniel Napp

True sniffer dogs never give up

Daniel Napp’s popular children’s books all about the police dog Hubertus and his friend, the flea Pock, are more ...

Anpfiff für Dr. Brumm

Daniel Napp

Starting Whistle for Dr. Brumm

The farmer has invited Dr. Brumm and his friends to a game of soccer. Dr. Brumm might well have thought that more ...

Illustrated by Daniel Napp

Latte Igel und der Wasserstein

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Igel and the Waterstone

The forest is threatened by a terrible drought. Then Latte Hedgehog hears of something that could save them more ...

Latte Igel und der Schwarze Schatten

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Hedgehog and the Black Shadow

Latte Hedgehog has been kidnapped! The Black Shadow has conjured him off into his kingdom. There is only one more ...

Frühling im Mühlenweiher

Otfried Preußler, Regine Stigloher, Daniel Napp

The Little Water Sprite

Another meeting with the Little Water Sprite and his friends.

It is spring! The first warm rays of sun have more ...

Latte Igel reist zu den Lofoten

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Hedgehog Goes to the Lofoten Islands

Latte Hedgehog's really heroic adventures.


The little elf Kirivi has disappeared! Eagle Groff has abducted more ...

Ein großer Tag für Latte Igel

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

A Big Day for Latte Hedgehog

A new adventure story with the bestselling character.


Latte Hedgehog wakes up on his birthday and wonders more ...

Sommerfest im Mühlenweiher

Otfried Preußler, Regine Stigloher, Daniel Napp

The Little Water Sprite

Summer is coming to the mill pond.

The little water sprite and his father are still alone at home, but it more ...

Herbst im Mühlenweiher

Otfried Preußler, Regine Stigloher, Daniel Napp

The Little Water Sprite

A new story about the little water sprite.

Autumn has come. The little water sprite would like an autumn more ...

Das kleine Gespenst

Otfried Preußler, Susanne Preußler-Bitsch, Daniel Napp

The little Ghost

The little ghost is now haunting picture books!
Susanne Preußler-Bitsch – Otfried Preußler's daughter – has more ...

Wenn der geheime Park erwacht, nehmt euch vor Schabalu in Acht

Oliver Scherz, Daniel Napp

When the Secret Park Awakes, Beware of Shabalu


In a nutshell:

How quiet and enchanting it is here! Mo and his sister Kaja and brother Jonathan get goose more ...

Die kleine Hexe

Otfried Preußler, Susanne Preußler-Bitsch, Daniel Napp

The little Witch

In the little hutt in the middle of the forest lives the little witch with her friend Abraxas, the Raven.
And more ...

Drei Helden für Mathilda

Oliver Scherz, Daniel Napp

Three Heroes for Maud

When Fred Fuzzhead wants to wrap his long monkey arms around Maud like every morning, he makes the astounding more ...