Daniela Chudzinski

Daniela Chudzinski

Daniela Chudzinski (*1972) has loved art ever since her childhood. She first studied illustration and painting, followed by the history of art, and has been freelancing as an illustrator since 1999. She has not only illustrated numerous children's and young adult books but has also been involved in exhibitions and teaching. A native of Hamburg, she has also worked in Stuttgart, southern England and the USA.

Illustrated by Daniela Chudzinski

Filemon Faltenreich

Michael Ende, Daniela Chudzinski

Filemon Foldrich

Filemon Foldrich is a very wise elephant. That's why he doesn't realize that he has been challenged to a game more ...

Das große Märchenbilderbuch der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Daniela Chudzinski, Heribert Schulmeyer

The Big Book of Grimm Fairy Tales

The best-known fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers in one big album. Various artists have interpreted the more ...

Von Schmetterlingen und weisen Elefanten

Michael Ende, Daniela Chudzinski

On Butterflies and Wise Elefants

This Collection includes most beautiful Picture Books by Michael Ende:


Filemon Foldrich

The Lindworm and the more ...