Elli Bruder

Elli Bruder

Elli Bruder, born in 1980 in the Palatinate region, already enjoyed drawing illustrated stories as a young girl. Since studying in Scotland and Freiburg, she has been working as a graphic designer / illustrator. She lives with her husband and a barn full of animals at Ratzeburger See in northern Germany.

Illustrated by Elli Bruder


Tatjana Geßler, Elli Bruder


In a Nutshell:

Charlie is a very special dog for he can speak with humans. But he hardly lets anyone into his more ...

König Lennard oder Sommer ist dann, wann wir wollen

Timm Milan, Elli Bruder

King Lennard or Summer Is When We Want It

Lana and her big brother Lennard are heart and soul. With Lennard at her side, Lana never feels alone. Lennard more ...

Prinzessin Zuckerpups

Britta Sabbag, Elli Bruder

Princess Sugartrump

In a nutshell:
Sugartrump is a true princess who of course NEVER passes wind! At least, this is what the queen, more ...