Emily Bold

Emily Bold

Emily Bold was born in 1980 in Middle Franconia, where she still lives with her husband and their two daughters. She writes novels for adults and teenagers, with 25 German and eight English books and stories to her name that have given a keen audience endless hours of entertaining reading.

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Written by Emily Bold

Erbin des Lichts

Emily Bold

Heiress of Light

Just before Thorn's sixteenth birthday, she realises in the middle of a lesson at school that something is not more ...

Rebellin der Nacht

Emily Bold

Rebel of the Night

After fleeing from Darlighten Hall, the seat of the Silver Wing clan in London, Thorn is fleeing from her big more ...


Emily Bold

The Curse

In a Nuthell:

In order to improve her geography knowledge, Samantha spends her holiday in Scotland. No sooner more ...


Emily Bold

The Curse 2

After Vanora’s curse has been broken, Sam’s and Payton’s happiness should actually be perfect. If only it were more ...


Emily Bold


Sam only has one wish now: to lead a normal life with Payton. But once more destiny thwarts them. Not only is more ...

Verwoben in Liebe

Emily Bold


In a nutshell:
Abby’s thieving exploits had often been her downfall, so she ends up in the time-honoured more ...