Florian Beckerhoff

Florian Beckerhoff

Florian Beckerhoff, novelist and the father of two children in Berlin, was born in 1976. His first novel, "Mrs Ella", was a bestseller with 100,000 copies sold and in 2013 made into a film by Matthias Schweighöfer. "Nickle and Horn" is his children's book debut.

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Nickel und Horn

Florian Beckerhoff, Barbara Scholz

Nickle and Horn

A far-sighted guinea pig and a short-sighted parrot – Nickle and Horn. They live with Mr Curl, a retired more ...


Florian Beckerhoff, Yayo Kawamura

Sibling Ghosts

In a Nutshell:

Red alert! The three little ghosts from Good Water are threatened with eviction! The old more ...

Sondereinsatz für Frau Perle

Florian Beckerhoff, Barbara Scholz

Special Mission for Mrs. Pearl

In a Nuthshell:
Oh my goodness! Mrs. Pearl has disappeared! Nickel and Horn are determined to take on the case more ...

Nickel und Horn auf Safari

Florian Beckerhoff, Barbara Scholz

Nickel und Horn on Safari

The cry for help by the famous professor Marry Curry comes from afar, namely from Africa. And because Mrs. more ...