Imke Sönnichsen

Imke Sönnichsen

Imke Sönnichsen (*1970) studied History of Art in London and later Illustration in Mainz. She has illustrated many picture books for Thienemann.

Illustrated by Imke Sönnichsen

Das große Märchenbilderbuch der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Daniela Chudzinski, Heribert Schulmeyer

The Big Book of Grimm Fairy Tales

The best-known fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers in one big album. Various artists have interpreted the more ...

Fips versteht die Welt nicht mehr

Jeanette Randerath, Imke Sönnichsen

Fips Doesn't Understand the World Any More

A story that sympathetically describes what children whose parents separate go through and what they feel: more ...

Unser Lehrer ist ein Elch

Martina Baumbach, Imke Sönnichsen

The Animal Shapeshiferts - Volume 1

In a nutshell:
An owl that talks to her? A new teacher who lives in an old construction trailer on the school more ...

Alle Hasen fliegen hoch

Martina Baumbach, Imke Sönnichsen

The Animal Shapeshifters

The fast-paced continuation of the new series   The animal shapeshifters are alarmed – Einstein is missing! more ...

Geht Sterben wieder vorbei?

Mechthild Schroeter-Rupieper, Imke Sönnichsen

Doeas Death Go Away Again?

Children’s questions on the topic of death and grief

For quite a while now, Marlene’s and Paul’s grandpa has more ...