Kathrin Treuber

Kathrin Treuber

Kathrin Treuber was born in Bremen in 1966. After a couple of semesters studying social-science she began a degree in Communication-Design in Mainz. In 1992, she changed her studies and moved to the College of Creative-Design in Hamburg. Today she lives and works as a free-lance illustrator in Hamburg.


Illustrated by Kathrin Treuber

Das große Märchenbilderbuch der Brüder Grimm

Brüder Grimm, Daniela Chudzinski, Heribert Schulmeyer

The Big Book of Grimm Fairy Tales

The best-known fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers in one big album. Various artists have interpreted the more ...

Kätzchen vermisst

Tatjana Geßler, Kathrin Treuber

Our Animal Clinic

The veterinarian's daughter Marie rescues a lot of animals in distress.


There have never been so many more ...

Rettet die Hundewelpen

Tatjana Geßler, Kathrin Treuber

Our Animal Clinic

Brilliant new sequel in which Marie tries to find a new home for baby dogs.


The animal home is on fire! more ...

Spürnase in der Klemme

Tatjana Geßler, Kathrin Treuber

Our Animal Clinic

Marie in doggy heaven

Marie is worried. Herding dog Sammy is admitted to the animal clinic with symptoms of more ...

Die schönsten Märchen aus 1001 Nacht

Kathrin Treuber

The Best Tales from One Thousand and One Nights

 “Open Sesame” – these are the magic words with which Ali Baba reaches unfathomable treasure. These two words more ...