Katja Reider

Katja Reider

Katja Reider, born in 1960, started writing during a holiday after interludes at a PR agency and as a press officer – and has not stopped since. This has resulted in many books for children of all ages, as well as gift books, including the major international success “Rosalie und Trüffel” (Rosalie and Truffle). Katja Reider has been promoting reading for many years. She lives with her family and a little dog in Hamburg.

Written by Katja Reider

Die Schule geht los!

Katja Reider, Sabine Straub

School is starting!

Ten wonderful new stories about the little hare pupils of today:
1. Off to the little hare school
2. The new more ...

Ein möhrenstarkes Schuljahr

Katja Reider, Sabine Straub

A Carrotastic School Year

If Hops and Holly want to help to win the big school prize, if a famous talent seeker for the spoonball more ...

Das kleine Nickerchen

Katja Reider, Sabine Straub

The Little Snooze

A snooze always does you good!

If even goodnight lullabies and sleeping advice don’t help children, it is time more ...