Max Kruse

Max Kruse

Max Kruse (*1921) completed his school education in Weimar. He has been working as a free-lance writer since 1958. His books have been translated into several languages. Max Kruse was a member of the P.E.N. club and has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Written by Max Kruse

Urmels großer Flug

Max Kruse, Erich Hölle

Urmel's Long Flight

There's nothing stopping Urmel. The world must discover that Urmel is real and alive and kicking. On his long more ...

Urmel aus dem Eis

Max Kruse, Erich Hölle

Urmel From the Ice

A primeval egg on the beach of the island of Titiwu? “I wonder what’s in it?” muse Peng Penguin and Wawa. It’s more ...

Urmel fliegt ins All

Max Kruse, Erich Hölle

Urmel Flies to Outer Space

Professor Tibatong, Urmel and their friends set off on a journey to the planet of Futura. Urmel, as curious as more ...

Urmel wird ein Star

Max Kruse, Erich Hölle

Urmel Becomes a Star

When Urmel became famous, that meant the end of all the peace and quiet on the island of Titiwu. And now there more ...

Urmels Lichterbaum im Eismeer

Max Kruse, Roman Lang, Erich Hölle

Urmel’s Christmas Tree in the Polar Sea

Doing nothing but going to the Elocution School and learning to speak – that gets a bit boring in the long more ...

Geschichten vom Urmel

Max Kruse, Roman Lang

Stories About Urmel

This volume contains six Urmel stories:


  • Urmel is Born
  • Urmel on the Moon
  • Urmel in the Sea
  • Urmel's Super more ...
Im Wandel der Zeit

Max Kruse

Down Through Time

One of the best-known writers of children's books writes about his life.


Max Kruse himself describes how the more ...

Urmel schlüpft aus dem Ei

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Hatches Out From the Egg

The favourite of all children by Max Kruse.


An iceberg is washed ashore on the beach of the island of Titiwu. more ...

Urmel und die Schweinefee

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel and the Pig Fairy

A new adventure with beloved Urmel.

Urmel has tummy ache because he has been eating too much coconut more ...

Urmel saust durch die Zeit

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Flies Through Time

Urmel and his friends go on a time journey.

It can only be expected to happen. When Professor Tibatong’s time more ...

Urmel sucht den Schatz

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Looks for Treasure

Hooray! It's Urmel's birthday today! But what's the matter here? Why hasn't anyone come to say Happy Birthday more ...

Der Löwe ist los

Max Kruse, Mathias Weber, Horst Lemke

The Lion is Loose

"Have you heard? Have you heard? The l-l-li-lion is loose!" Mrs Haveyouheard announces in excitement. In spite more ...

Urmel schlüpft aus dem Ei

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Hatches Out From The Egg

In the South Seas, on the island of Titiwu, there live Professor Habakuk and his speaking animals. They are more ...