Michael Engler

Michael Engler

Michael Engler was born in Lower Saxony, just where the land is so flat and the clouds so low that only boredom can flourish between the two. He later studied visual communication in Düsseldorf. The clouds here are higher in the sky and so that is where he stayed. For years he has been writing short stories, children's books, stage plays and audio plays.

Written by Michael Engler

Rufus und sein Schnabeltier

Michael Engler, Dirk Hennig

Rufus and His Duckbill

After a game of soccer, Rufus finds the talking duckbill Sydney, who has escaped from a zoo. His destination: more ...

Wer will noch ein Dracheneis?

Michael Engler, Dirk Hennig

Who would like another dragon ice cream?

The three little dragons want to go on world travels, but they need money for that. They must therefore find more ...