Nele Moost

Nele Moost

Nele Moost was born in Berlin in 1952 and spent part of her childhood in Sweden. After her German Studies she worked as an editor in a children’s book publishing house. Today she writes stories for children and adults, which have been translated into 30 languages. For the Esslinger Verlag Nele Moost invents, among others, stories about the cheeky little raven the rascal and the bear Krümel, which are illustrated either by Annet Rudolph or Michael Schober.


Written by Nele Moost

Macht ja nix!

Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

Here comes the Bear! or competition for the Little Raven

Mishaps can happen to anyone.

All Eddi Bear really wants to do is show his friends how super-duper well he more ...

Alles echt wahr!

Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

It's all true! or Little Raven's fibs for all opportunities

Sock has given his two raven Mums, Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph, an idea for another amusing story

You more ...

Welcher Po passt auf dieses Klo?

Nele Moost, Michael Schober

Whose Bum fits on this Loo?

A pig, a zebra, a bear and seven other animals show which of all the special loos is the best one for each more ...

Der kleine Rabe Socke – Das große Rennen

Nele Moost

The Little Raven Sock – The Big Race

Oops, that's not what the little raven Sock intended: only because he was a tiny little bit too fast, the more ...

Rette sich, wer kann! und andere rabenstarke Geschichten

Nele Moost

Save Yourself if You Can! and other ravenly strong stories

Starting in February 2017, the first 26 instalments of the Little Raven TV series are being shown again on more ...

Alles verknallt! oder Ein kleiner Rabe trifft auf große Liebe | Liebevoll illustriertes Kinderbuch, eine Vorlesegeschichte über Freundschaft, ab 3 Jahren, ideal zum Verschenken

Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

All in love! Or A Little Raven Finds Big Love

In a Nutshell:
Sock does not feel like playing with the little duck. He gets rid of her with a trick, but the more ...

Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz

Nele Moost

Search for the Lost Treasure

A great new adventure awaits the little raven Sock and his friends on a treasure hunt! In competition with the more ...

Alles schläft?

Nele Moost, Annet Rudolph

All Alseep?

Sometimes the little raven waits “just five minutes” until Mrs. Badger finally goes to sleep before him, then more ...