Nora Coenenberg

Nora Coenenberg

As a child, Nora Coenenberg wanted to be a baker or a cowgirl, but then, like so many, somehow ended up in a career in media. She emigrated from Cologne to Hamburg to study Economics and Illustration. Mental arithmetic is not her greatest strength, but as a freelance infographics designer and editorial designer she likes to dabble with data material and research texts. She conceives the infographics page in the knowledge department of Die Zeit, travels for presentations and gives portfolio consultation. In her free time, she bakes sponge cakes for her two children and occasionally goes to the pony bar.

Illustrated by Nora Coenenberg

100 Kinder

Christoph Drösser, Nora Coenenberg

100 Children

There are about two billion children in the world and they all live differently: some children like going to more ...