Oliver Scherz

Oliver Scherz

Oliver Scherz (1974) is an actor and director. He writes children’s books and his aim is for his stories to have an impact on children and adults alike. For him, reading aloud is something important for the whole family; and a good children’s book does not have an age limit. Oliver Scherz lives with his wife and two children in Berlin.

Written by Oliver Scherz


Oliver Scherz, Annette Swoboda


Ben and Mr Sowa, the tortoise – true everyday heroes.

Ben is six. His best friend is Mr Sowa, a tortoise. more ...

Wir sind nachher wieder da, wir müssen kurz nach Afrika

Oliver Scherz, Barbara Scholz

Won't be Long – We've Just Had to Pop Round to Africa

What do you do if an elephants knocks on your window late one evening?

What if this elephant has run away more ...


Oliver Scherz, Annette Swoboda


Ben's biggest adventure has just begun: his schooldays

Ben's head is growing every day, as his rubber ruler more ...

Keiner hält Don Carlo auf

Oliver Scherz, Peter Schössow

Nobody Can Stop Don Carlo

Ten-year-old Carlo has already been waiting for months for his father to come back. For five months, two weeks more ...

Wenn der geheime Park erwacht, nehmt euch vor Schabalu in Acht

Oliver Scherz, Daniel Napp

When the Secret Park Awakes, Beware of Shabalu


In a nutshell:

How quiet and enchanting it is here! Mo and his sister Kaja and brother Jonathan get goose more ...

Ein Freund wie kein anderer

Oliver Scherz, Barbara Scholz

A Friend Like No Other

In a Nutshell:

Habbi is joyfully jumping about in the woods stuffing his cheeks with all sorts of treasures: more ...

Drei Helden für Mathilda

Oliver Scherz, Daniel Napp

Three Heroes for Maud

When Fred Fuzzhead wants to wrap his long monkey arms around Maud like every morning, he makes the astounding more ...