Pascal Nöldner

Pascal Nöldner

Pascal Nöldner, born 1990 in Essen, is a freelance illustrator of comics, children’s and youn people’s books and a drawer of animation films. In 2015he completed his design studies with a focus on illustration at the Münster University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts. Apart from his design work, he is a freelance actor and musician.

Illustrated by Pascal Nöldner


Joachim Friedrich, Pascal Nöldner


Tom would not have considered it possible that his life could ever become really whacky: but owing to his more ...

Das Dämonen-Labyrinth

Corinna Rindlisbacher, Pascal Nöldner

The Demon Labyrinth

In a nutshell:
Henna and Gregor were actually only supposed to assist a magician with his latest magic trick, more ...