Petra Eimer

Petra Eimer

Petra Eimer studied visual communication in Aachen and liberal arts in Sevilla, and after graduation she spent ten years freelancing as an illustrator and art director in Cologne. After the birth of her son she gradually moved the focus of her work over to illustrating children's book. She now lives and works in the Eifel mountains.

Illustrated by Petra Eimer

Das Leben ist (k)ein Wunschkonzert

Sabine Bohlmann, Petra Eimer

Life Is (not) a Wish List

"Life is not a wish list!" my mother always says when I keep on saying I wish I could have ... For example, more ...

Superman in Ringelsocken

Cornelia Franz, Petra Eimer

Superman in Hooped Socks and other Storytime Tales with Charlie

In a Nutshell: 

There is always something going on in Charlie's home! After all, his best friend Jonte lives more ...