Rainer Oberthür

Rainer Oberthür

Rainer Oberthür teaches Religion and writes books for children and adults. He holds courses at an institute and teaches at a school.

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Die Ostererzählung

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Easter Story

Do we really know why we celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday? This picture more ...

Die Weihnachtserzählung

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Christmas Story

A picture book about why we celebrate Christmas.


Why do we celebrate Christmas? The reason is to be found in more ...

Das Vaterunser

Rainer Oberthür, Barbara Nascimbeni

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer poetically explained.

In the Lord’s Prayer, we can confide in God about everything that is more ...


Rainer Oberthür, Barbara Nascimbeni


One day, the picture girl, who has no words because she knows only pictures, meets a word boy – for him, it is more ...

Die Zehn Gebote

Rainer Oberthür, Barbara Nascimbeni

The Ten Commandments

How do we actually want to live? Do we need rules for this? Answers to these and similar questions are already more ...