Rike Janßen

Rike Janßen

Rike Janßen studied Design and, at the University of the Arts in Bremen, specialised in Illustration. She and her family live in Oldenburg. Gabriel Verlag has already published several of her picture books.


Illustrated by Rike Janßen

Das erste Weihnachten

Lene März, Rike Janßen

The First Christmas

Traditions and customs coming alive: classical legends in short, easy verses for reading aloud. Affectionately more ...

Die große Gabriel Kinderbibel

Martin Polster, Rike Janßen

The Big Gabriel Children's Bible

Bible stories from the New and Old Testaments.

The whole story of God with human beings: enthralling, easy to more ...

Die schönsten Kindergebete für jeden Tag

Stephan Sigg, Rike Janßen

The Most Beautiul Prayers for Children

A conversation with God.


The beginning of the day, bedtime, at mealtimes, family and siblings, seasons and more ...

Das erste Ostern

Martin Polster, Rike Janßen

The First Easter

Biblical Easter story for the very youngest.

How Mary can become cheerful again after the death of her more ...

Meine erste bunte Bibel

Martin Polster, Rike Janßen

My first coloured Bible

A first board book edition for the very little ones with the most beautiful and the most important stories more ...

Die schönsten Bibelgeschichten zum Vorlesen

Martin Polster, Rike Janßen

The Most Beautiful Bible Stories to Read Out

Martin Polster tells the whole story of God and people, from creation to the resurrection of Jesus. Here more ...