Sabine Sauter

Sabine Sauter

 Sabine Sauter lives with her two daughters, husband and dog in southern Germany. Her passion for beautiful books and wonderful illustrations nourished the dream of actually illustrating books herself one day. After completing her graphic design studies, she was able to turn this dream into reality.

Illustrated by Sabine Sauter

Die Natur-Detektive

Fabian Lenk, Sabine Sauter

The Nature Detectives - Vol. I

Tim, Benni, Sophia and Fenja – they are the Chanterelles! The little gang has a great camp in the middle of more ...

Attacke, Schimmelbacke!

Wiebke Rhodius, Sabine Sauter


The twins Lenni and Luis are sly dogs. They are constantly playing pranks, doing rubbish and forging plans. It more ...