Sascha Morawetz

Sascha Morawetz

Sascha Morawetz studied product design at the Muthesius Art College in Kiel. He then worked for several years for a renowned design agency in Hamburg. After a successful period as a designer, he set a new focus and dedicated himself to his passion of illustration. Since 2012 he has been an independent illustrator and works for various design and advertising agencies and publishing houses.

Illustrated by Sascha Morawetz

Das große Buh

Meike Haas, Sascha Morawetz

The Big Boo

Zigzag spider spit! Ghost girl Schuschumilia is more than a little put out when a human family moves into her more ...

Der tollste Geburtstag der Welt

Anke Dörrzapf, Sascha Morawetz

The Greatest Birthday in the World

The badger holds a giant treasure hunt with a raft ride and fishcake pops. The fox issues invitations to a more ...