Sebastian Lybeck

Sebastian Lybeck

Sebastian Lybeck (*1929) lives in Sweden. “Latte Hedgehog and the Water Stone” was published in 1959 and in the same year he was awarded a special prize within the German Youth Literature Prize. The book has become a classic children’s book in Germany.


Written by Sebastian Lybeck

Latte Igel und der Wasserstein

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Igel and the Waterstone

The forest is threatened by a terrible drought. Then Latte Hedgehog hears of something that could save them more ...

Latte Igel und der Schwarze Schatten

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Hedgehog and the Black Shadow

Latte Hedgehog has been kidnapped! The Black Shadow has conjured him off into his kingdom. There is only one more ...

Latte Igel reist zu den Lofoten

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

Latte Hedgehog Goes to the Lofoten Islands

Latte Hedgehog's really heroic adventures.


The little elf Kirivi has disappeared! Eagle Groff has abducted more ...

Ein großer Tag für Latte Igel

Sebastian Lybeck, Daniel Napp

A Big Day for Latte Hedgehog

A new adventure story with the bestselling character.


Latte Hedgehog wakes up on his birthday and wonders more ...