Sebastian Meschenmoser

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Sebastian Meschenmoser was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1980. He has been studying Fine Arts in Mainz since 2001.With „Learning how to Fly“ he published his first book with Esslinger in 2005. This very special gift book has received a lot of attention in the media and the book world. The illustrations from it were chosen from over 2,700 entries and the book was presented at the Children's Book Fair in Bologna as one of the most innovative new publications back then. As an accomplished artist with several exhibitions to his name, Sebastian Meschenmoser is among Germany’s most successful and admired young illustrators for children today. Since his first book he has been nominated thrice of the German Juvenile Literature Award and in 2008 he won the Dutch Silver Pencil Award for the best foreign book illustrator of the year – an award previously won by the UK’s Tony Ross, America’s David MacCauley and his fellow German, Wolfgang Erlbruch.

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Written by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Herr Eichhorn und der König des Waldes

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Mr Squirrel and the King of the Woods

When Mr Squirrel wakes up one morning he can hardly believe his eyes: an unknown and mysterious creature has more ...

Herr Eichhorn und der erste Schnee

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Mr Squirrel and the First Snow

"Winter", the goat says, "is so beautiful. Snowflakes fall from the sky and everything turns white!" Mr more ...

Rotkäppchen hat keine Lust

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Little Red Riding Hood doesn't feel like it

The wolf is lying in wait in the forest. And he's in luck because before long a little red-hooded girl more ...

Die verflixten sieben Geißlein

Sebastian Meschenmoser

The Dratted Seven Young Goats

The evil wolf has hatched out the perfect plan to make the young goats open the door for him: he has dressed more ...

Vom Wolf, der auszog, das Fürchten zu lehren

Sebastian Meschenmoser

About the Wolf Who Moved Out to Spread Fear

The wolf father is bitterly disappointed in his sons. The first has made friends with an old lady, instead of more ...

Illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Die unendliche Geschichte

Michael Ende, Sebastian Meschenmoser

The Neverending Story

For the 40th anniversary of the Neverending Story, the artist Sebastian Meschenmoser upgrades it with over 50 more ...