Stephanie  Reis

Stephanie Reis

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Illustrated by Stephanie Reis

Ich wollt, ich wär ein Kaktus

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

I Wish I Were a Cactus

Lu's plan is as follows: She is going to hold her breath until Mummy has changed her mind and won't go with more ...

Pechsträhnen färbt man pink

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

Streaks of Bad Luck are Dyed Pink

Twelve-year-old Winni has a big dream: she wants to be a background dancer in a music video and, despite her more ...

Spring! Vor allem über deinen Schatten

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

Jump! Especially Over Your Shadow

Pebbles speaks quietly and politely. Coco prefers to curse loudly and wildly. Pebbles is very shy. Coco loves more ...

Anna & Anto

Gerlis Zillgens, Stephanie Reis

Anna & Anto

Switched – changing bodies  

Anna and Anto are twins and get on each other’s nerves terribly. Including the more ...