Susanne Göhlich

Susanne Göhlich

Susanne Göhlich was born in Jena in 1972 and studied art history in Leipzig, during which time she also designed posters and was responsible for other artwork. Since 2014 she has been freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator in Leipzig.

Illustrated by Susanne Göhlich

War Jesus denn jetzt katholisch oder evangelisch?

Stephan Sigg, Susanne Göhlich

So Was Jesus Then Catholic or Protestant?

Why do the Catholics have a Pope? Are there any confessionals in a Protestant church? Do Protestants and more ...

Kaninchenschmuggel oder wie ich Mehlchen vor dem Verschimmeln rettete

Timm Milan, Susanne Göhlich

Rabbit Smuggling or How I Saved Flourlet from Going Mouldy

Granola, who has exactly the same name as the muesli, is a loveable little girl who sometimes finds it more ...

Klassenschlamassel oder Wie wir die grüne Wurst einfingen

Timm Milan, Susanne Göhlich

Class Trip Confusion or How We Caught the Green Sausage

A class trip with a rabbit was not really what was planned. But when Granola discovers Flourlet in her travel more ...

Eddi Error

Anne Böhme, Susanne Göhlich

Eddi Error

In a nutshell:

Niels and his sister Jule are used to their father bringing the craziest things home after his more ...

Mein Elefant will nicht ins Bett

Cee Neudert, Susanne Göhlich

My Elephant Won't Go To Bed

It is Anna's bedtime – and her cuddly elephant obviously has to go to bed with her. And just like Anna, the more ...