Tessa Rath

Tessa Rath

Tessa Rath, born in 1978, is actually a qualified art therapist. In 2015 she decided to follow her passion for illustrating and has since been working for various publishing houses. She lives with her husband and their two children in a lovely spot near Bremen.

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Illustrated by Tessa Rath

Raubende Roboter

Fabian Lenk, Tessa Rath

Thieving Robots

11-year-old Flint Hook lives in an abandoned TV tower that was once supposed to be demolished. His parents – more ...

Haarige Halunken

Fabian Lenk, Tessa Rath

Hairy Rascals

A new case for the F.B.I. junior team! A previously undiscovered and rather ravenous type of animal is making more ...