Thariot has a weakness for gripping stories. He started writing when he was only fifteen, especially short stories, and started work on his first book in 2009. Thariot, in his last life an IT manager, is a picture person – he is able to quickly translate pictures into words and cannot resist putting them on paper.

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Rainer Wekwerth, Thariot

PHEROMONE - They Can Smell You

2018: Jake Merdon is seventeen years old and leads a perfectly normal life. He goes to school, has friends and more ...

Sie sehen dich

Rainer Wekwerth, Thariot

PHEROMONE - They Can See You

In a Nutshell:

Aliens are spreading across the whole globe. People are attracted by pheromones and then more ...

Sie jagen dich

Rainer Wekwerth, Thariot

They are chasing you

Jake and his hunter friends have prepared everything successfully in the year 2018 so that they can launch more ...