Timm Milan

Timm Milan

Timm Milan was born in Wuppertal, and he still lives in his native city. Apart from his activities as a writer, he also works at an elementary school, where between playground noise and classroom problems, he keeps finding inspiration for his books. "Rabbit Smuggling or How I Saved Flourlet from Going Mouldy" is his first book for Thienemann.

Written by Timm Milan

Kaninchenschmuggel oder wie ich Mehlchen vor dem Verschimmeln rettete

Timm Milan, Susanne Göhlich

Rabbit Smuggling or How I Saved Flourlet from Going Mouldy

Granola, who has exactly the same name as the muesli, is a loveable little girl who sometimes finds it more ...

Klassenschlamassel oder Wie wir die grüne Wurst einfingen

Timm Milan, Susanne Göhlich

Class Trip Confusion or How We Caught the Green Sausage

A class trip with a rabbit was not really what was planned. But when Granola discovers Flourlet in her travel more ...

König Lennard oder Sommer ist dann, wann wir wollen

Timm Milan, Elli Bruder

King Lennard or Summer Is When We Want It

Lana and her big brother Lennard are heart and soul. With Lennard at her side, Lana never feels alone. Lennard more ...