Ursula Wölfel

Ursula Wölfel

Ursula Wölfel (1922-2014) was one of the best-known and most successful German children’s book authors. She has been awarded many prizes, including the Special Award of the German Children’s Book Prize for her complete works (1991) and the Buxtehuder Bulle (1992).


Written by Ursula Wölfel

Achtundzwanzig Lachgeschichten

Ursula Wölfel, Bettina Wölfel

Twenty-eight Laughing Stories

A great classic by a great author.


Take the story of the dummy, for example; or the story of the flower more ...

Fliegender Stern

Ursula Wölfel, Regina Kehn

Flying Star

In a nutshell:

The little Indian boy Flying Star wants at last to be one of the grownups, for then he would more ...