100 Children

Age 8

104 pages

195 x 245 mm


  • Children's Nonfiction

Christoph Drösser, Nora Coenenberg

100 Children

There are about two billion children in the world and they all live differently: some children like going to school, others must work instead. Some have a mobile phone, some perhaps even a smartphone, others do not even have their own room. It is rather difficult to imagine such an abstract number like “two billion” as a quantity of real children. It becomes easier if this large number of children is reduced to just 100 in a thought experiment. How many children would then have a pet? How many need glasses? And where do they live?
These and similar questions that are interesting for children are pursued by the renowned ZEIT expert Christoph Drösser here. Nora Coenenberg illustrates the statements in a way that is easy for children to comprehend in an infographics style.


  • Children find out here in numbers where other children live
  • By the ZEIT experts Christoph Drösser and Nora Coenenberg
  • Children have never been shown the world in such a clear visual manner

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