17 Letters or The Day I Wanted to Disappear

Age 12

192 pages

135 x 215 mm


  • Young Adult Novel

Karolin Kolbe

17 Letters or The Day I Wanted to Disappear

Line has now made up her mind – tomorrow is the day she is going to disappear! Out of her old life, away from her choleric father! She writes one last letter and hides it down by the river. She would never have thought that the letter would ever be found. But the finder writes back to her, moved by her words. For Anton, too, supposedly the sunny boy of the school, is at odds with his life. They start writing to each other and each of them is given courage by the letters of the other. They realise that they must face up to life and that running away is not the answer. One day, they decide to meet – and have a surprise …


  • A profound story about a pen-pal relationship that changes everything
  • An encouraging novel to give heart

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