3 Wishes for Pugman

48 pages

176 x 167 mm


Sebastian Meschenmoser

3 Wishes for Pugman

We've all been through it before: Some days nothing goes right. Mopsmann overslept, the box of breakfast cereal is empty, and there's not even any coffee in the house. Then of course it is raining and the morning paper is drenched. What can possibly save the day from being a total disaster? All the better when a fairy pops up out of nowhere. Only, it would be better if she had more of a feeling for what Mopsmann really wants ...

Mopsmann and his wishes show in an unforgettable way that it is the little things that give life true meaning.


  • Sebastian Meschenmoser once again proves his unparalleled talent for cryptic witticisms, artful punch lines and whimsical stories.

Sold to:
Australia (english), Mainland China (simple characters), Portugal, Switzerland (english), Taiwan (Chinese)