4 1/2 Friends and the Itching Powder Conspiracy

Age 8

96 pages

148 x 210 mm


Joachim Friedrich

4 1/2 Friends and the Itching Powder Conspiracy

4 1/2 Friends are over the moon. During the summer holidays, an instalment of the famous TV series "Inspector Derk" is to be shot at their school. It goes without saying that Kalle, Radish, Steffi and Fred want to help. But no sooner have the television people arrived at school than everything goes wrong. First of all, a bunsen burner explodes in the chemistry lab and the filming there has to be stopped. Then the filming can't go on because the camera cable has been cut through. The next day the leading man, Inspector Derk, does a wild dance, scratching himself like mad because itching powder has been scattered on his clothes. When the director falls into a deep sleep because sleeping pills have been put into his coffee the 4 1/2 friends know for sure that someone is trying sabotage the shooting. They secretly put up some cameras in the school in order to catch the culprit. And indeed, they come across Eddie, Inspector Derk's nice assistant. He has been fed up of playing second fiddle and being ordered about by Inspector Derk. That is why he scattered itching powder on his clothes. But Eddie insists that the other cases of sabotage have nothing to do with him. The next day's shooting is to be in the 4 1/2 friends' allotment garden. When Kalle, Steffi, Radish, Fred and Dandy the dog get there in good time they find Inspector Derk herding a flock of sheep into the garden. Caught in the act, Derk admits he was the one who interfered with the shooting. He is under pressure because he has signed a contract for a movie. He's being threatened with a big fine if he doesn't at last make an appearance at the movie set. By sabotaging the present filming at school he was trying to get it stopped. The director is disgusted when he finds out and makes that nice Eddie into the new leading man in the television series. Eddie, of course, is overwhelmed with joy. And the 4 1/2 friends? For the time being they have had enough of film stars and decide to enjoy the holidays at last.


  • Stunning start of the series on ZDF television
  • Two new adventures of the 4 1/2 friends in modern film optics
  • Large type and many film images in colour. Also suitable for early readers

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