4 1/2 Friends and the Thief with the Innocent Eyes

Age 8

96 pages

148 x 210 mm


Joachim Friedrich

4 1/2 Friends and the Thief with the Innocent Eyes

For weeks a mysterious burglar has been up to mischief in the neighbourhood. He keeps breaking into empty buildings and is so clumsy that he always sets the burglar alarm off. Then just before the police arrive he disappears empty-handed. Kalle wouldn't be Kalle if he didn't sniff a new case here for the 4 1/2 friends. It's a lucky coincidence that Steffi, Radish, Fred and Kalle's class teacher is planning a school trip to the Aerospace Centre, a high-tech firm in the vicinity of which there have been several burglaries. In the meantime Dandy, the 4 1/2 friends' greedy dog, has very different problems. A cat has made herself at home in his dog kennel. Mimi is her name and no way will she to abandon her new residence. What's even worse, she follows Dandy around everywhere. When Dandy hides in the coach as a stowaway to go with the 4 1/2 friends on the school trip, Mimi is on the roof rack. Dandy is beside himself with fury when Mimi appears on the scene in the Aerospace Centre and knocks over a valuable robot, for the blame is not placed on the cat but on him. To make matters worse, Mr Kanin, the manager of the high-tech firm, shouts at his assistant Alexandra because she is responsible for showing school classes round. After the 4 1/2 friends have been kicked out of the Aerospace Centre, they go and explore the neighbourhood where the burglaries have been taking place. Interestingly enough, all the burglar alarms have been made by the same company. That very night, the 4 1/2 friends lie in wait in front of the building. The burglar is sure to strike again. Unfortunately, they are waiting in front of the wrong building. What a good thing Dandy and Mimi have come along, too. Being a cat, Mimi can climb up onto the highest roof and from there she sees that the burglar is breaking into a completely different building. When the 4 1/2 friends hurry over to the scene of the crime, Mimi jumps onto the burglar's head and pulls the camouflage cap off his head. Alexandra emerges from underneath it, the assistant from the Aerospace Centre. She has been breaking into the empty building to practice turning off burglar alarms. Her real goal is her boss's office. Her aim is to find proof that he has been embezzling money and treating his staff badly. The 4 1/2 friends let Alexandra go and promise not to report her to the police. And Dandy? He has gotten so used to Mimi that he is dreadfully disappointed when she finds somewhere else to live.


  • The bestselling "4 ½ Friends-series" can now be seen on television
  • Launch of the new animated film series on ZDF television: autumn 2015
  • TV film rights sold to 20 countries so far

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