Look Out, Sleepover!

Age 8

128 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Sabine Städing, Anna-Lena Kühler

Look Out, Sleepover!

The Secret of the Blue Ghost

These boys are sly dogs!

Alexander Hen, only called Henny by everyone, is annoyed. His parents are invited to a fancy-dress party, sadly without him, although he loves dressing up. At least he manages to ward off the babysitter – because: at 8 years old you surely don’t need anyone to look after you anymore. And what’s more, his best friend Matt is allowed to stay over at his place. Together they hatch the very best plan: the will also go to the party, dressed up as a ghost so they are not recognised. It also works perfectly until they spot a thief rifling through guests’ bags Henny and Matt must intervene!


  • By the bestseller author of the “Petronella Applesauce” series, Sabine Städing
  • Text with generous spacing and a large font: perfectly suited to beginner readers
  • With fun and cheeky illustrations by Anna-Lena Kühler