Anna Applecake

Age 5

224 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Susanne Glanzner, Eleni Livanios

Anna Applecake

Stories from Completelydifferent Wood

Anna Applecake has all sorts of exciting adventures in Completely different Wood

Anna Applecake moves into her aunt's treehouse in Completelydifferent Wood because her aunt is going to live in Panama. Anna takes her trusty friend with her, the broom, who is more than a little stubborn and will only sweep the dirt into the house and not out of it. What a good thing Anna quickly makes some new friends. Mrs Spinner, the wise spider, always has some good advice for Anna. Fred, the bat, is clumsy but very nice. Erik, the squirrel, is the adopted son of the bat family and has grown up with Fred, and so he always hangs upside down from the tree whenever he wants to go to sleep. Catherine, the cow, is vain and a little in love with the wolf. A girl ghost, a raven and a grumpy kobold are also soon among Anna's friends.



  • Likeable main characters, magic, animals, adventure
  • Fairytale-like setting