App to Happiness

Age 12

192 pages

136 x 215 mm


  • Children's Novel Young Adult Novel

Marina Boos

App to Happiness

Install to Lose Your Heart

Install the app and lose your heart …

Fay is 15 and totally frustrated for she is always just average: her outfit is boring, her party life just about non-existent and she hasn't a clue what she really wants. And so she works out a 16-point plan with the help of which everything has to have changed by her 16th birthday. So as to be better motivated, she programmes an app to check her progress. The only trouble is, she has allowed a tiny error to creep in: before long the app starts doing things of its own accord and as a sideline begins to look for the perfect boy for her. As soon as he appears on the scene her mobile beeps, but Fay is anything but pleased with the app's choice.



  • Top topic: apps and social networks


  • Authentic main character, with flaws and grand dreams


  • As amusing and likeable as "Bridget Jones" and "Bridget Jones's Diary"

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