Aura – The Betrayal

Age 13

368 pages

138 x 220 mm


  • Fantasy

Clara Benedict, Eva Schöffmann-Davidov

Aura – The Betrayal

Trilogy background:

For many people it is their biggest dream: the ability to change reality. In Aura this is real life: so-called formers are masters of telekinesis, they heal wounds and manipulate thoughts. This gift is learnable, but is only truly powerful with human beings that have been born with it. But these people are in great danger, for there is someone wanting to rejuvenate himself with their help and for this reason is having them hunted down: Dr. Levander.

In a Nutshell:

After Jan's death and fleeing head over heels, Hannah has to go into hiding. In order to avoid attracting the attention of one of the former teams again, the only course of action open to her is to take cover at Dr. Levander's academy, which she manages to do with the help of trainer Elric. In desperation, Hannah does all she can so as not to stand out among all the other students and pretends to be an artistic former, a particularly tricky feat especially in trainer Ravin's lessons. On top of all this, she meets Raphael, Jan's twin brother, who works at the academy. Before long she reluctantly has to admit her feelings for him. Ravin smells a rat and has Raphael taken prisoner. Under the compulsion of truth he not only reveals that Hannah is a natural former whom he and Elric have smuggled into the academy but also that she is responsible for the death of his twin brother. Ravin discloses that he, too, is a natural former and has long been waiting to try out Dr. Levander's methods himself. Ravin tricks Hannah into attacking Raphael, who collapses, and forces her to rejuvenate him. Hannah desperately tries to simultaneously rejuvenate him and to heal Raphael. She completely overextends herself and when she sees Raphael move slightly she gives into the strain and passes out.


  • A brilliant debut
  • Romantasy with a difference
  • Mental control


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