It is Starting

Age 14

320 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Young Adult Novel Fantasy

Rainer Wekwerth

It is Starting

Beast Mode Volume I

Content of the duologue:   Five young people with supernatural capabilities are brought to an underground military facility in Alaska, USA: Damon Grey, a three-hundred-year-old demon, Amandara Nicols, who claims to be a goddess, Wilbur Night, a tattooed guy from an orphanage, Malcom Floyd, a complete nerd who cannot be put down, and Jenny Doe, a girl who is half human, half machine and knows nothing about herself. These five young people are the last saviour of humanity, because a strange energy field has been discovered in the Bering Sea that is sucking in everything around it and making it disappear. And it is constantly widening, so that according to calculations the whole earth will have disappeared in thirty years.
Scientists suspect that the energy field contains a gigantic portal that leads into another world, another dimension or reality. The five youths are therefore sent through the portal after intensive training. They wake up in a desert. Heat, sand and stones. The sun is high in the sky. In the distance there is a hazy town. When they approach the town and the goddess Amandara recognizes one of its temples, they know that they are in Babylon, present-day Iraq. Shortly afterwards they encounter Amandara’s mother: the youths realise that they are not in another dimension or world, but in another time, about 5000 years B.C. and just before Amandara’s birth. In this time there is a further portal through which they must travel into another time – to prevent the energy field from coming into existence at all in the present day! For this reason, in each era they must set the tracks so that they themselves can be born. They end up in France at the time of the French Revolution, in Switzerland in 2002 and finally in the future in the year 2334.
Here they make a frightening realisation: in the future resources are scarce, people are about to starve and disappear definitively from planet Earth- Scientists have discovered wormholes and forged a plan to pump away biomass from the year 2019 and to take it to the future for survival. To do so, they have extended and stabilised one of the wormholes. In a big showdown, the five youths destroy the portal and land automatically back in their own time. The world is – at least for the time being – saved.


  • A new stroke of genius by the bestselling author Rainer Wekwerth
  • Dilogy for the “Netflix” generation
  • Exciting crossover of genres: dystopia meets science fiction

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