Beastmode - Against Time

Age 14

320 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Fantasy Young Adult Novel

Rainer Wekwerth

Beastmode - Against Time

Beastmode series - volume two

World rescue mission – the showdown!

Malcom, Damon, Amanda, Wilbur and Jenny – five young people with supernatural powers – have discovered the secret of the mysterious energy field in the Pacific Ocean: it led them over 2000 years into the past. But the world is not saved by far. Only if they succeed in setting the course in different times that led to their meeting in the future, there is a chance to save humanity from perdition. When they step before the last energy field, none of them know what will happen – but one thing is sure: they have no choice and they do not have much time left…

The second and final volume of the Beastmode dilogy


  • The finale of the action-packed dilogy by the bestseller author Rainer Wekwerth
  • Perfect for the “Netflix” generation: the end of the world and young people with supernatural powers

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