Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Tales for Children

Oliver Scherz, Annette Swoboda


Ben and Mr Sowa, the tortoise – true everyday heroes.

Ben is six. His best friend is Mr Sowa, a tortoise. They have the craziest of adventures together. On one occasion Ben rescues some fish from a certain death in the frying pan; or he makes dams collapse or organises races with Mr Sowa. Sometimes, however, Ben is a little scared – for example when he is alone in bed at night; or when the doctor threatens to give him an injection; or when he is just about to go to school for the first time. And sometimes Ben is even a little homesick. This can happen when he spends the night at his grandparents’ and misses his parents and his brother. What a good thing that Ben has a best friend and can share everything with Mr Sowa.


  • Adorably amusing stories of a loveable little rascal
  • Boy with “philosophical” potential
  • Wonderfully warm-heartedly illustrated by Annette Swoboda

Sold to:
South Africa (Afrikaans), China, Israel (Hebrew)