Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Oliver Scherz, Annette Swoboda


School, Turtles and Other Adventures

Ben's biggest adventure has just begun: his schooldays

Ben's head is growing every day, as his rubber ruler tells him. There is so much that is new wanting to get into it. And inside his head, all the thoughts and numbers and letters are flying every which way. The world of school is packed with splendid and overwhelming impressions. But first of all, however, Ben also has to settle down in school. For one thing, there is the big fat boy who has it in for him – for Ben is the smallest in the class. Although Ben finds school so splendid, there are days when he buries himself in his bed and is "ill" so as not to have to go to school that day. But luckily, Mr. Sowa is also around, Ben's tortoise. And Ina, his Indian lady. As Indians, they swear they'll stick together in the future.



  • Humorous and warm-hearted children's book series
  • Affectionately illustrated by Annette Swoboda

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