Bone Buddies

Age 10

256 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Annette Roeder, Maximilian Meinzold

Bone Buddies

Echt nette Skelette

To be allowed to cross the threshold to eternity, the orphaned dead fulfil treasured wishes. Aldo plays it safe and adopts all five of the nameless dead lying next to each other at the central cemetery. The plan works – well, more or less. Five extremely different ghost beings (from the pampered aristocrat to the Mafia member) compete to get the unsporty 12-year-old into the trendy ice hockey club, after all it is about a ticket to eternity! This initially causes all kinds of trouble until the gang decides to cooperate. This results in the coolest gang in the world, the “Bone Buddies”, and the outsider Aldo finally finds true friends: 5 really nice skeletons, the ghost dog Schubert and fellow pupil Ada.  

(Author’s statement about the book) The cemetery of the nameless in Vienna, Puerto Berrio in Colombia or Il Cimiterro delle Fontanelle in Naples – everywhere in the world there are places where the living adopt the unknown dead, take care of their graves and pray for them. This is often not totally without self-interest. Because it is rumoured that the dead fulfil wishes! Since hearing a radio broadcast about this custom years ago, the idea has not let me go: what if this were really true?


  • Quirky friendship story full of humour, with nice and crazy half-dead beings
  • Best entertainment for girls and boys
  • Successful author Annette Roeder (“Die Krumpflinge”)