Age 13

400 pages

147 x 220 mm


  • Fantasy Young Adult Novel

Julia Dippel, Marie Graßhoff


Beyond the Black Stairs

Cassardim is threatened with collapse: due to the destruction of the Jewel of Power, Amaia has allowed chaos into the Kingdom of the Dead. Together with Noar, she must find a solution as quickly as possible before the land is overcome by darkness. The path leads into the Shadow Fortresses – Noar’s home – where love and affection are frowned upon. Noar closes his heart and once again becomes a merciless prince to protect them both. Amaia seems to lose a grip on everything: Noar, who increasingly distances himself from her, and her ideas of how she can suppress the chaos.

The second volume of the Cassardim trilogy


  • The second volume of the trilogy in which the love of Amaia and Noar is put to a hard test
  • Successful launch: top reviews on all platforms
  • Romantasy queen Julia Dippel entices readers onto fantastical worlds


Another title of the series