Through Thick and Thin

Age 10

304 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Nele Neuhaus

Through Thick and Thin

The time has come at last: Charlotte's new horse, Cody, has arrived. But Charlotte's joy is marred by the forthcoming move to the new stables. What will it be like when they are joined by new horse owners? What a good thing that the local championships bring distraction. But when Charlotte gets back home with the Golden Bow and the winner's cup, she is in for a nasty surprise: The riding hall has been struck by lightning and is on fire. The horses are panicking. Charlotte and her friends have to act quickly. Will they manage to rescue all the animals and get them to safety?


  • Volume 6: the latest adventure featuring Charlotte and her friends
  • Almost one million Planet books by Nele Neuhaus sold
  • Sales guarantee for spring 2018

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Poland, Czech Republik (Czech)

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