Chosen 2

Age 13

496 pages

138 x 220 mm


Rena Fischer, Favoritbüro Rose Dobmeier

Chosen 2

The Awakening

In a Nutshell:

Emma is devastated: her father Jacob is dead – murdered by her great love, Aidan. She is shunned at school because they all think she is a traitor. And over and over again she loses control of her telekinetic skills. But things are not what they seem! Unbeknown to Emma, her memory has been manipulated by the head teacher of the elite boarding school. Jacob is not dead – quite the opposite, in fact, for he joins up with his archenemies to liberate Emma from the head teacher's clutches. Will Emma be able to use her skills as an emotion diver to see through the sinister machinations of her alleged mentor? Will her father and the love of her life, Aidan, be able to win her back?


After the manipulation of her memory and the alleged death of her father Jacob, Emma MacAengus is living closely guarded in the boarding school section of Sensus Corvi. With the exception of her friend Faye, all her school mates avoid her as a traitor and treat her with hostility. There has been no trace of her boyfriend Aidan Callahan since the fight on New Year's Eve. Emma, however, is convinced that he is her father's murderer. That New Year's Eve has also had a traumatic effect on Aidan – he loses his memory. That very night he flees to New York, where he roams aimlessly through the streets before escaping into the bookshop of Amy Grey to get away from the police. Amy is agrees to take him in for he reminds her of her deceased brother.
In the meantime, Emma's father Jacob is doggedly working with Richard Montgomry, the leader of the Falcons, to bring Farran before court because of his criminal wheelings and dealings - a dangerous undertaking, for the Raven chief must not find out that Jacob is still alive. Jacob hopes that this plan will help him win back his daughter.
While all this is going on, Farran is doing his best to become a surrogate father to Emma. But Emma is very conflicted about it all. On the one hand, she recognises the good Farran has done; on the other hand in his presence she feels an inner cold and fear she cannot explain. She compensates for her grief for her father and the loss of her big love with determined workouts, and in the end is so fit and strong that she defeats the schools head in an exhibition fight. Afterwards, Farran takes Emma to America with him, to a subsidiary of the "Angelwood Ravens" boarding school. The Falcons discover that Emma is in the USA and that Farran is planning to adopt her after her father has officially been declared dead. Time is running out. Jacob and the Falcon chief travel to New York in the hope of rescuing Emma more quickly from Farran's clutches than would be possible in the closely guarded Sensus Corvi.
After months of futile waiting, just as Aidan is on the verge of giving up hope of his memory ever coming back, he happens to meet Emma. As a result Aidan is more than a little confused. Although he cannot remember anything, the encounter with Emma has deeply shaken him. He feels that she is something special to him. When the Falcons find him shortly afterwards, he immediately agrees to help to rescue her.
A meeting of the Ravens and Falcons in Central Park at night ends in a catastrophe for the Falcons: Emma gives them the slip, Aidan is taken prisoner by the Ravens and the Falcon chief himself gets seriously injured.
Farran now sets Emma an ultimatum: either she swears life-long allegiance to him and will become the future leader of the Ravens or - since she is now so strong that he would not want her as an enemy - he will kill her. In order to gain Emma's complete trust, Farran admits that he has manipulated Aidan's and her memory but promises he will reverse the process. Emma is dreadfully shocked by this admission – how wrong she was to have doubted Aidan all these months. Before another memory manipulation can take place, Emma escapes with Aidan. When Aidan kisses Emma again for the first time since their separation he has a flashback and all his recollections suddenly return, a fact they keep secret.
In the meantime, the Falcons ambush Angelwood Ravens. Farran manages to escape, but a return to Ireland is impossible because all Farran's adversaries have simultaneously filed charges against the school head, and the police are on the lookout for him. The trial causes a sensation and Farran and his cronies are sentenced. Richard Montgomry and the other Falcons are rehabilitated. They carefully make sure the public does not get wind of their paranormal gifts.
Richard and Jacob together take charge of the school; and now at last nothing can get in the way of Emma and Aidan's love.


  • The resounding finale
  • If you like "The Hunger Games" and "X-Men" you will love "Chosen"

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