Age 13

464 pages

138 x 220 mm


  • Young Adult Novel

Rena Fischer, Favoritbüro Rose Dobmeier


In a nutshell:

An elite boarding school for highly gifted students – not exactly Emma's dream! But Sensus Corvi is not an ordinary boarding school: Emma is a soul diver and can feel the feelings of other people. All her school mates also have special talents, something Emma has to get used to. The charismatic Aidan, for example, can influence the elements – and more than anything else he turns Emma's emotions topsy-turvy … When suddenly Jared, a former student, discloses the sinister secret to her, Emma finds herself caught in the middle between the sides and no longer knows who she can trust. A rebellion breaks out that is more than a fierce battle. And for Emma there is not only more at stake than her love, it is also a matter of life and death!



"Rena Fischer's style of writing is brilliant. You are really drawn into the story. It is an exciting book with a touch of romance about it and exactly the right amount of action and fantasy. I hope this will not be Rena Fischer's only book, she is a really talented author." Juditha, 14 years old

"I was enthralled from the very first word and couldn't put the book down – gripping plot, authentic characters and real locations. It is a perfect Romantasy young adult book and I am sure that others will have at least as much enjoyment reading it as I did." Lena, 20 years old



The life of 16-year-old Emma Meyer is not like that of other teenagers. Ever since her early childhood she has been brought up to distrust strangers, for Emma has a secret hidden within her: she can immerse herself in the emotional world of people she does not know and move objects without touching them. When her mother dies in a car accident, she meets her hitherto unknown father, Jacob, and goes to Ireland with him. There she goes to the "Sensus Corvi", an allegedly private school for highly gifted students run by the mysterious Fionbarr Farran, where she is to develop her talents to perfection. She and the other paranormal students, called "Ravens", must obey a strict system of regulations and hierarchy and break off all contacts with old friends. Aidan Callahan, her father's godson, is attractive and rich, and all the girls in the school make mooneyes at him. However, it is Emma he starts flirting with, although he is going steady with Lynn. More emotional chaos is caused by Jared, one of the school's former Ravens who has changed sides and now works for Richard Montgomry. Montgomry has founded an organisation to fight against Farran and his Ravens – the "Horus Ring", the paranormal members of which call themselves the "Falcons". Montgomry explains to Emma that Farran manipulates his students in order to rear a paranormal power with the aim of influencing worldwide politics and economics for his own ends. As a young woman, Emma's mother stood up to Farran and so was murdered by a high-ranking Raven. Deeply impressed by how kind and clever her teacher, Farran, is Emma initially refuses to believe one word of what Montgomry says. But she does let herself be persuaded by Jared to become a double agent. His plan is for her to use Farran to further and train her talents, after which, with Montgomry's help, she is to leave the Raven alliance. Then, however, events come thick and fast: Aidan catches Emma with Jared and the two men fight; shortly afterwards, Emma herself is attacked on the school premises by a member of the Horus Ring; in the middle of this chaos, her best friend Liz from Germany unexpectedly appears on the scene and in Jared recognises the boy who made sure on the night of the murder that Emma was not in the car with her mother. Emma, Liz and Aidan decide to kidnap Jared and interrogate him. But the battle-tried Jared turns the tables and instead takes Emma prisoner. He then admits that he knew of the plans to murder Emma's mother and confides in her that he knows the murderer. Jared sets Emma free and escapes. That same evening Emma and Aidan admit their love for each other. Yet nothing is as it seems. There is a bitter fight between the Ravens and Falcons, during which Jared is killed. Emma and her father realise that Raven boss Farran, the man they so admired, ordered the murder. He wanted to take revenge on Emma's mother for her treachery and ensure her daughter's special powers to his own end. After another attack by the Falcons, Aidan, Emma and Jacob are captured by Farran. He wants to manipulate the memories of all three so that they will remain loyal to him. Emma can intervene and thus the manipulation of Jacob fails. He falls from the window and is taken for dead. Farran manipulates Emma's memory in such a way that she thinks Aidan has killed Jared and her father. These false recollections are also planted in Aidan's brain; he is so horrified at what he has allegedly done that he flees from Farran's office and forgets abaoslutelyeverything. Nobody suspects that Jacob's gifts allowed him to brake his fall from the window and that Montgomry has taken him to safety. It is now up to the Falcons to rescue Emma from Farran's power. The prologue tells of Emma's torn feelings after her brain manipulation. In spite of all that he has allegedly done, Emma still feels a self-destructive longing for Aidan. The epilogue shows Emma again meeting Aidan after he has lost his memory and escaping.



  • Action-packed debut novel – more than just Romantasy!
  • Successful mixture: for all fans of "X-Men", "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games"

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