The Demon Labyrinth

Age 10

256 pages

145 x 210 mm


  • Young Adult Novel

Corinna Rindlisbacher, Pascal Nöldner

The Demon Labyrinth

Your Decision Counts!

In a nutshell:
Henna and Gregor were actually only supposed to assist a magician with his latest magic trick, but something went fundamentally wrong and the two siblings suddenly land in a bizarre world full of bubbling mud holes and strange monsters. They must get out of this labyrinth as quickly as possible, otherwise they will end up as an afternoon snack for the grisly demons. But which way leads out of this mess? The reader must find that out in this book! Solve puzzles, combine and make brave decisions – it is all in the reader’s hands. This book is not for the fainthearted!

In this book YOU make the decisions! Will you manage to escape from the Demon Land on time before you become demon fodder?

The 12-year-old twins Henna and Gregor were chosen from the spectators of a magic show to assist with a trick. But something goes terribly wrong: the magician makes them disappear from the stage, but instead of behind the stage they land in a strange world with bizarre plants, stone formations and bubbling mud holes. The children set out to explore the world and encounter demons in various places. These try to capture them to take them to “the kitchen”. The children must either outwit the demons in order to escape (and return to the previous fork in the path) or defeat them to get past them. In every new place they discover more about their fate:
- A nasty master demon lives inside the magician that controls him
- The demon regularly sends children into this world
- Correctly prepared, children are considered a delicatessen for demons
- The master demon can only be vanquished by (1) being cast under a spell with salt and then (2) by using a certain magic word (3) being captured in a suitable container. This also frees the magician from his spell.
- A portal into their world is situated in the demon kitchen  
The story contains a mixture of decisions and puzzles that the readers must make or solve.


  • A book for participating and making your own decisions!


  • Back as a trend: games books!


  • Also helps unpractised readers to accomplish reading